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In a Montessori school there are traditionally nine areas of classrooms study. Each involves a different set of skills, challenges and learning experiences. 

Here are the key components and principles of the Montessori curriculum: 

  1. Practical Life: This area focuses on everyday activities and skills that help children develop independence, concentration, coordination, and a sense of responsibility. Activities include tasks like pouring, sweeping, washing dishes, dressing, and more.
  2. Sensorial: The sensorial area emphasizes the refinement and development of the senses. Children work with materials that help them distinguish between sizes, shapes, colors, textures, smells, tastes, and sounds. These activities help to sharpen sensory perceptions.
  3. Language: In the Montessori approach, language development encompasses spoken language, written expression, reading, and comprehension. Children learn through phonetic activities, vocabulary exercises, reading, writing, storytelling, and grammar lessons.
  4. Mathematics: Montessori math materials are designed to help children understand fundamental mathematical concepts through hands-on, manipulative materials. They progress from concrete (manipulative) to abstract (symbolic) understanding, covering areas such as counting, arithmetic operations, geometry, and more.
  5. Science: This area encourages children to explore and understand the natural world. It involves hands-on experiments, observation, exploration of the natural environment, and learning about plants, animals, the weather, and basic scientific concepts.
  6. Geography: Geography in the Montessori curriculum includes lessons on continents, countries, landforms, cultures, and global diversity. Children learn about maps, flags, and different aspects of the world to develop a sense of global awareness and appreciation for diversity.
  7. Fine Arts: This area covers various forms of artistic expression, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and other creative activities. It encourages children to express themselves creatively and appreciate different art forms.
  8. Music: Music education in Montessori involves activities that help children develop an ear for music, explore different rhythms and sounds, learn about musical instruments, and potentially learn basic music theory and notation.
  9. Culture: The cultural area encompasses a broad range of topics including history, social studies, anthropology, and more. It aims to expose children to different cultures, traditions, history, and human achievements, fostering an understanding and appreciation of diverse societies.

Each of these areas plays a significant role in a child’s holistic development, fostering independence, curiosity, and a love for learning in a well-rounded educational environment.

Beyond The Classroom… 

In addition to offering a peaceful, kind, and quiet classroom with a low student-teacher ratio, and a structured, nurturing curriculum that encourages children to thrive, at RMS we go beyond the classroom to educate and empower our students. There are programs we offer on a continual basis and some experiences that are seasonal. The seasonal calendar allows the children to feel in tune with nature and the seasons. 


Outdoor playtime is a critical part of the children’s routine. It is important for the children to get fresh air, play, and learn about the changing seasons. The children go outside all year round. In the spring and fall, we tend to our garden, where we teach children how to plant, water and nurture plants. In spring, we hatch butterflies in the classroom and release them outside. We also organize numerous cultural and nature-based in-house and off-site field trips. Highlights include: 

  • In house visit from the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium to learn about local marine life 
  • Fall field trip to go apple and pumpkin picking at an orchards 
  • Snow Hill Farm to learn about farm life, see the animals, plant cover crops, and learn about water conservation 
  • Visit New Canaan Nature Center to learn how maple syrup is made. 

Community Service 

Every year our students take part in several community service projects. From decorating lunch bags for Meals on Wheels recipients, to singing Holiday songs at Founder’s Hall, to creating artwork and cards for Ridgefield Crossings and Congregate Housing. We ensure that our students and our school gives back to the community. 

Food Prep in the Classroom 

All students are involved in serving snack on a daily basis. Food tasting is a part of our Toddler Program and allows children to learn about different foods, textures, and tastes. Parents are always surprised by how much even the littlest ones are able to do for themselves with the right tools. We use Montessori materials that allow them to serve as well as chop, peel, and clean vegetables.  

Highlights include: 

  • Decorating pumpkins and making crafts for our Harvest Celebration 
  • Seasonal food tasting and food prep: baking apple pies and mini pumpkin pies, grating latkes and decorating holiday cookies, baking Irish soda bread 
  • Making vegetable soup for our Annual Thanksgiving Celebration 

Culture, Art and Music 

We offer a global and cultural curriculum to promote peace and understanding through art, music, and books in addition to our global Geography curriculum. The children have ample opportunity to create arts and crafts projects, decorate, and learn about art from around the world. Music is an integral part of RMS life. From singing to dancing, to learning about different instruments and cultures, children are exposed to music on a daily basis. We also encourage families to come in and share different traditions and celebrations from their culture. 

  • International Day of Peace: An amazing program where RMS students join in song with Montessori students from around the world on International Day of Peace 
  • Aldrich Museum On-site Art Program for older students: a monthly visit to the Aldrich Museum to view the installations and create art in the Art Education Room 
  • Diwali and Indian culture, music and dance 
  • Chinese New Year: learning about art, food, and music 
  • Holiday decorating and ornament making 
  • Interactive in-house program: Music of the Earth, A Celebration of World Cultures 
  • A visit from the Ashurst School of Irish Dance in celebration of St Patrick’s Day 
  • Annual Spring Concert 
  • Annual Art Show 

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